GoodWe GW36K-MT Solar Inverter

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GoodWe GW36K-MT Solar Inverter

GoodWe’s brand new SMT series three phase, 3-MPPT, 36kW Solar Inverter is ideal for medium and large-scale commercial rooftop installations, providing a maximum efficiency of 98.8 percent and up to three MPPT routes for particular environments. With a weight of just 40 kg and a compact, efficient design, the SMT series is easier to handle and install in comparison to similar inverters in the market. Featuring a maximum DC input voltage of 1100V, wider MPPT range, and a start-up voltage of 180 V, the SMT series guarantees earlier power generation and longer working time in order to maximize long-term returns and profitability for the system owner.

Wide MPPT range
Wide MPPT Range enables solar system to start at early stage, fully utilising the daytime to maximizing solar powered energy generation, giving the highest yield.

Compatible with Bi-facial Modules
SMT is designed to meet the increasing demand of bi-facial modules, with large current input and 30% DC oversizing and 10% AC overloading capacity, system efficiency is enormously enhanced.

Three MPPT Asymmetric Design
Multiple MPPT design caters for complicated rooftop structures and directions, unbalanced string trackers fully utilize sunshine from each angle. Maximum yield is guaranteed for commercial rooftop systems.

PLC Communication
The optional PLC communication offers stable data transmission and enables monitoring of large PV systems in remote areas.

  • Max. DC Input Power: 42900 Wp
  • MPPT Input voltage range: 200-950 V
  • Max. DC Input Voltage: 1100 V
  • Nominal Output Voltage: 400, 3L/N/PE or 3L/PE
  • Protection Rating: IP65
  • Display / Communication: LCD & LED or APP & LED / RS485 or WiFi or GPRS or PLC
  • Size (Width x Height x Depth, mm): 480 x 590 x 200
  • Weight: 40 kg

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