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Kaco Powador-protect
Protection device and management unit for grid management of solar PV plants.

The Powador-protect is a protection and control unit for generating plants and battery systems with the following functions:

  • Monitoring the voltage 3*Ph-N
  • Monitoring of voltage 3*Ph-Ph
  • Frequency monitoring - three-phase
  • Reading of potential-free contacts for power control of generation plants and battery systems
  • 2 output relays for controlling interface switches
  • Separate control of the output relays as a protection - back-up protection concept
  • Triggering of internal interface switches of compatible KACO inverters, no additional AC-side costs
  • Independently parameterizable network parameters for reconnection after tripping.

Powador-protect evaluates the signals from ripple control receivers and transmits these to up to 31 inverters. The Powador-protect itself can be quickly installed, is easy to handle and is therefore the most economic solution on the market.


  • Grid and system protection
  • Individual voltage and frequency adjustment
  • Minimum amount of cabling required in the meter cabinet and the sub-distribution
  • Integrated ripple control receiver connection
  • Easy incorporation into the feed-in management without additional costs

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