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Solar-Log Sensor Box Professional Irradiation Sensor

Irradiation Sensor Specifically Designed for Large-Scale PV Plants

Sensor Box Professional and Professional Plus
Sensors help to record the deviations between the possible and the actual power production and provide important key figures in regard to the quality of the entire PV plant. An error message is generated when there is a deviation from the reference value and its current production.

The internal cell temperature sensor allows the temperature coefficient of the modules to be included when calculating the reference values. At larger plants, up to nine Sensor Boxes Professional and Professional Plus can be connected to a Solar-Log 250, 300, 1200, 1900 and 2000. It is possible to use the Sensor Boxes with other RS485 components on the same bus.

Additionally, the Sensor Box Professional Plus can be expanded with ambient temperature sensors and wind sensors.

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