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Solar-Log 2000 PM+

The Solar-Log 2000 is the perfect solution for monitoring and controlling large-scale PV plants and solar power stations with a maximum plant size of 2000 kWp. The energy management system offers comprehensive reporting options. With just a few components, a wide range of extra functions can be added, e.g. confirmation of the current amount of feed-in power.

Solar-Log™ Easy Installation
The inverter detection and Internet registration are carried out immediately. The installation status is indicated on the LCD status display. It is possible to configure the Solar-Log via the PC Web interface.

Solar-Log 2000 PM+ & PM Packages
For plants larger than 100 kWp in Germany, remote control of the reactive power supply and power limitations are required along with a confirmation of the current amount of feed-in power. Solare Datensysteme offers a grid company specific "PM Packages."

String Connection Box (SCB)
When used with the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ XL and either the SCB, the Solar-Log 2000 monitors every single string, ensuring the most complete and secure monitoring for large-scale PV plants with exact error identification and localization.

Master-Slave Technology
Up to a total of 10 Solar-Log 2000 devices can be linked together at a plant, making it easy to scale the plant size.

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