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Introducing the S-Series Power Optimizer for Residential Installations

Our most advanced Power Optimizer, the S-Series, brings unprecedented production and protection to your next residential project.

With SolarEdge Sense Connect technology and alerts, you can deliver unrivaled safety. Through simplified wiring, speed up installs, and commissioning.

And, as always, continue to

    • Boost module-level production with DC optimization, despite shading or debris
    • Experience 100% system visibility with module-level monitoring
    • Meet higher wattage modules, such as the M10 or G12, for maximum power density

    SolarEdge S500 Power Optimizer designed for Residential Installations and for enabling PV power optimization at the module level

    The SolarEdge Power Optimizer is a DC/DC converter that connects to each solar module in a PV system, turning them into smart modules. By constantly tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of each individual solar module, Power Optimizers can increase system energy production, potentially growing revenues and shortening system ROI.

    By attaching our Power Optimizers to each solar module, installers, EPCs and O&M personnel can easily monitor system performance and track, pinpoint, and resolve issues at any point along a string with surgical precision.

    Key Benefits:

                        • Specifically designed to work with SolarEdge residential inverters
                        • Detects abnormal PV connector behavior, preventing potential safety issues*
                        • Superior efficiency (99.5%)
                        • Module-level voltage shutdown for installer and firefighter safety
                        • Mitigates all types of module mismatch loss, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading
                        • Faster installations with simplified cable management and easy assembly using a single bolt
                        • Flexible system design for maximum space utilization
                        • Compatible with multiple module types, including high current and bi-facial
                        • Advanced, real-time tracking of module performance
                        • Designed for extreme environmental conditions
                        • 25-year product warranty

    *Functionality subject to inverter model and firmware version

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