Kaco blueplanet 5.0 NX3 M2

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Product Description

Kaco blueplanet 5.0 NX3 M2

Three-phase multi-MPPT inverters for small residential solar PV plants

The solar PV inverters of the new blueplanet NX3 M2 family master any system design. They achieve this feat thanks to their 2 MPP trackers, the extremely wide operating range and very low starting voltage.
Both MPP trackers accept the inverter's nominal power - east-west facing roofs and other contorted architectures are thus part of your repertoire.
To round off the successful performance the blueplanet NX3 M2 have the RS485 interface. A smart meter can be connected to this to meet the demand for zero feed-in or dynamic power control.


  • Functional, robust design for easy and flexible ways of installation
  • User-friendly apps for Wi-Fi setup and monitoring
  • DC SPD Type II, AC SPD Type III
  • Integrated DC-switch
  • DC reverse polarity protection
  • Sunclix connectors

Key data:

  • Rated active AC power - 5000 W
  • Voltage range (Ph-Ph) - 160 V - 300 V
  • Max. AC current - 8.0 A
  • Max. recommended PV generator input power 7500 W
  • Rated DC voltage / start voltage - 630 V / 180 V
  • Max. input current - 2 x 16 A
  • Protection class - IP65
  • DC connection - DC plugs (Phoenix Contact Sunclix)
  • AC connection - plug-in connector
  • Display - LED indication (status, fault, communication)
  • Communication Interface - WiFi / RS485
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) - 435 x 503 x 183 mm
  • Weight - 16 kg

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