Kaco blueplanet 20.0 NX3 M2

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Kaco blueplanet 20.0 NX3 M2

Three-phase Multi-MPPT inverters for residential and small commercial solar PV plants

The solar PV inverters of the new blueplanet NX3 M2 family master any system design. They achieve this feat thanks to their 2 MPP trackers, the extremely wide operating range and very low starting voltage.
Both MPP trackers accept the inverter's nominal power - east-west facing roofs and other contorted architectures are thus part of your repertoire.
To round off the successful performance the blueplanet NX3 M2 have the RS485 interface. A smart meter can be connected to this to meet the demand for zero feed-in or dynamic power control.


  • Wide MPP range 150 V - 1000 V
  • 2 MPP trackers for various system designs
  • Low start-up voltage
  • Functional, robust design for easy and flexible ways of installation
  • User-friendly apps for Wi-Fi setup and monitoring (incl. WiFi stick)
  • DC SPD Type II, AC SPD Type III
  • Integrated DC-switch
  • DC reverse polarity protection
  • Sunclix connectors

Key data:

  • Rated active AC power - 20000 W
  • Voltage range (Ph-Ph) - 160 V - 300 V
  • Max. AC current - 31.9 A
  • Max. recommended PV generator input power 30000 W
  • Rated DC voltage / start voltage - 630 V / 180 V
  • Max. input current - 2 x 32 A
  • Protection class - IP65
  • DC connection - DC plugs (Phoenix Contact Sunclix)
  • AC connection - plug-in connector
  • Display - LED indication (status, fault, communication)
  • Communication Interface - WiFi / RS485
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) - 435 x 503 x 183 mm
  • Weight - 18 kg

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