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SMA Sunny Home Manager

The control center for smart energy management*

Everything’s in position for efficiently using solar energy. The Sunny Home Manager offers all functions for seamless PV system monitoring, smart energy management and an integrated energy management solution, the SMA Smart Home. As a result, PV system operators have an overview of all relevant energy flows in the home. Using the individualized recommended actions, they can make decisions about when to use their solar power best. In particular, the Sunny Home Manager is key to automated integration of controllable loads and also serves as energy manager in storage systems with the Sunny Boy Smart Energy or Sunny Island.

*Full range of functions is currently not available in all countries.

Now with three new features

  • Optimized battery charging mode
  • Load control via Ethernet connection
  • Load balance with information on energy mix

Monitor and Act
System monitoring with the Sunny Home Manager

Every residential PV system can be conveniently and seamlessly monitored with the Sunny Home Manager. After a simple commissioning procedure using the installation wizard, all basic functions are available via Sunny Portal. The PV system operator can use the live display to quickly get updated on energy home management. The data is updated every ten seconds, thereby playing a key role in helping to secure yield from the PV plant. In this process, the energy values for PV generation, purchased electricity and grid feed-in are registered from the connected power meters via various interfaces.

  • Transparency for all household energy flows
  • Free of cost PV system monitoring secures ideal yield from the PV plant
  • Easy commissioning thanks to installation wizard
  • Immediate e-mail notification in the event of a failure
  • Power and energy values instantly visible with live display
  • Display of battery charging and discharging

Think and Control
Energy management with the Sunny Home Manager

Energy management in the SMA Smart Home is not a static and pre-defined process, instead the Sunny Home Manager looks around and thinks for itself. For example, it uses the local weather forecast to calculate how much solar power is expected to be available over the course of the day. Even more, the Sunny Home Manager learns the typical time at which household appliances are operated (load profile) and takes this into account in its calculation for energy management. The result: Thanks to the recommended actions provided, system operators receive guidance when and for how long they can use the solar power — optimally. For example, to start the washing machine.
Thanks to this unique service, PV plants with Sunny Home Manager reach a higher level of self-consumption, which is specifically important in Germany. Furthermore, time-of-use electricity tariffs are considered, the system is well prepared for future changes of the electricity supply conditions.


  • Individualized recommended actions result in optimized use of solar power
  • Support in reducing energy costs by precisely understanding household energy flows
  • Higher yields and a quicker return on investment through increase of self-consumption rate
  • Up to ten percent lower power consumption while optimizing your self-consumption rate
  • Storage system battery is charged at the ideal time

Load control with SMA Smart Home

The Sunny Home Manager integrates controllable loads fully in accordance with the PV system operator’s individual requirements. Specifically, this means that common household appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers, can be switched on or off remotely. This takes places either via the SMA radio-controlled socket for usual appliances or via data connection (Ethernet) for Smart appliances, i.e. for heat pumps from Stiebel Eltron, Tecalor or other white ware from Miele.
This not only further increases self-consumption, but also helps users to record the specific load profiles of individual appliances, thereby helping them to identify electricity guzzlers.


  • Increase of self-consumption rate through automated load management
  • High convenience: Controllable loads are automatically turned on at just the right moment
  • Transparency: Electricity guzzlers can be identified through suitable visualisation of power measurement data
  • Detailed display of the energy mix comprising solar energy, battery power and purchased electricity

Switch and Manage
The integrated energy management solution SMA Smart Home

This is the hub for SMA’s intelligent energy management: The Sunny Home Manager is the control center for the SMA Smart Home. Besides the basic solution with Sunny Home Manager and SMA radio controlled sockets, also the SMA Integrated Storage System with the Sunny Boy Smart Energy and the SMA Flexible Storage System with the Sunny Island use the energy management features. With its “expertise,” the Sunny Home Manager ensures that self-generated energy is put to good use — in an optimal way to operate household appliances and store excess power in the battery for later use — or feed power into the utility grid when no other use can be organised. With the Sunny Home Manager, system operators are in complete control and can keep an eye on everything.

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