SAMSUNG SDI-ESS (Lithium-ion storage 3.6 kWh)

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SAMSUNG SDI-ESS (Lithium-ion storage 3.6 kWh)


All-in- one solution for homes
Meet Samsung SDI’s newest All-in-one energy solution that can be directly connected to your PV system.
All In One:

  • PV Inverter
  • Battery Inverter
  • Lithium-Ion Battery

With Samsung SDI’s All-in-one energy solution, you can save space to optimize power consumption and significantly reduce maintenance cost with Samsung SDI’s monitoring system that can detect errors in advance and be controlled remotely.

Residential ESS is an energy-saving solution that can be used to connect power grid and photovoltaic systems to maximize energy savings. Storing solar energy in ESS enhances self-consumption.This is especially beneficial to the end-user in times of ever-rising electricity bill. Additionally, residential ESS provides emergency energy power during power outage.       In-an off-grid area, combination of ESS and photovoltaic energy can supply sustainable electricity to communities and facilities without heavy investment in transmission and distribution. Also, other power generation systems, such as diesel and gas turbines, can be coupled with ESS to cover peak demands.



Compact design

  • 3 Functions (PV & battery inverter+lithium-ion battery)
  • Simple installation
  • Remote maintenance

Proactive A/S

  • Prior malfunction sensing
  • Web & mobile monitoring through remote maintenance


  • Battery cell approved for EV use
  • VDE tested lithium-ion battery and inverter


DC Input (PV)
Max. Power (kWp) 6,6 (3,3 x 2)
Max. Voltage (V) 550
MPPT / Rated Voltage (V) 125 ~ 500 / 380 per String
Min / Initial Input Voltage (V) 125 / 150 per String
Max. Input Current (A) 15 per String
No. of MPP Tracker 2
No. of DC Inputs 2
PV Module Connectors MC4

AC Output
Power (kVA) 4,6
Nominal Voltage (Vac) 230
Nominal Frequency (Hz) 50
AC Output Current (A) 22
Standby Losses (W) 25
Feed-in / Connection Phase 1 / 1

EU Efficiency
PV to Grid (%) 95

Manufacturer SAMSUNG SDI
Technology Lithium Ionen (Lithium Manganese Oxide)
Power (kW) 2
Capacity (kWh) 3,6

Dimension (B x W x H in mm) 1.000 x 267 x 680
Weight (kg) 95
Operating Temperature (°C) -10 ~ 40
Humidity (%) Max. 95 (non-condensing)
IP Grade (IP) IP21
Certifications and Approvals CE, VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE0126-1,
IEC62109-1 / 2
Warranty (Years) 2 (Product) / 7 (Performance)

Energy Management System
Monitoring (Device / Remote) Web, Mobile
Software update via Internet

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