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Use the excess solar-electricity
The ingeniously simple excess-management-solution from my-PV!
With the AC ELWA you can upgrade new or existing PV-systems without any problems - and raise your self-consumption up to 89%.
Excess power is simply used in your boiler or storage tank. Without expensive storage batteries!
Convince yourself about the advantages of our solution: Hot-water + electricity in one system!

As simple is hot-water with PV-excess.
How AC ELWA works

  • The AC ELWA exclusively uses excess-energy from your PV-system and can be installed in hot-water boilers or storage tanks.
  • The excess-power is determined with a digital electricity-meter which sends the control variable to the AC ELWA(s).
  • The AC ELWA controls its power linear, so that as little enery as possible is fed into the grid and that your self-consuption is increased significantly. Grid-connected PV-systems reach only 30% self-consumption on average. For a typical household with a 3 kWp PV-system the self-consuption can be raised up to 89%.
  • This solution replaces devices with thyristors, which are not allowed in accordance with the requirements of the grid operators in Austria and Germany for power ratings above 200VA.
  • Stratification charge or synchronic charge possible for 6 AC ELWAs.
  • The desired water-temperature can be adjusted with a knob.


  • Linear power control 0 - 3.000W for maximum self-consumption
  • 3 - 18 kW power for each PV-system
  • Sinusoidal current consumption (no thyristor), grid compliant
  • Independent from the inverter with separate 3-phase electricity-meter PLA
  • Plug and play installation: no adjustment or programming required
  • Communication cable can be installed in normal AC cable channel
  • Hot-Water securing (Boost-Backup) included
  • Easy installation - perfect for retrofitting

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