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LG solar panel LG280S1C-B3 MonoX

Top installer brand
LG solar modules have been awarded the Top Brand PV seal of quality for Britain, Germany and the Benelux countries. The seal of quality is awarded by EuPD Research – a leading market research company – for one of the highest recommendation rates by installers.

25-year linear warranty
LG Electronics gives a 25-year linear warranty on the LG MonoX™ solar modules. This guarantees 6.7 % more output than with the usual phased warranties.

100% EL quality test
Each LG solar module is put through extensive electroluminescence tests by LG Electronics. This allows us to identify cracks that are invisible to the human eye. Undetected, these could lead to reduced electricity yields.

~+3% positive output tolerance
LG Electronics only delivers modules with a 100 % positive output tolerance. LG solar modules guarantee the stated output and often exceed them. This three-per-cent higher output tolerance is free.

Easy installation
Handling LG modules is impressively easy – from transport through to installation. With each module weighing just 16.8 kg, they are easy to install, yet robust. Each module can withstand mechanical loads of up to 5.400 Pa.

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